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Doctors have long recognized hydrotherapy's water healing properties and health benefits.

"I am impressed with my HydroTone product. I am on my feet 10 hours a day and rarely get a chance to sit down. I get home from work and jump in the shower and immediately start using Hydrotone all over my aching body, especially my feet and legs. By the time I am done using Hydrotone, I feel totally refreshed. Thank you for such a wonderful product".

Tony Ambrose, Greenwich, Connecticut

"I travel often for business. While on the road I enjoy roller blading, tennis and golf. I am very physically active. I also take dance classes and yoga. Each discipline requiring different muscle groups. I purchased a HydroTone on a recommendation. HydroTone is my way of ending a hard physical workout. I also travel with my HydroTone. Thank God for recommendations".

Carmen Effron, Insurance Consultant, Westport, Connecticut

"As private events chef I can be on my feet for 12-14 hours. My legs and especially my feet are aching for relief. I finally found relief when I discovered HydroTone. I found HydroTone uses hydrotherapeutic massage to penetrate my sore muscles and my aching feet. And I can use it at my discretion. I am sold."

Daniel Lanzilotta, Private events Chef, Westport, Connecticut

"When I use HydroTone on my feet at the end of the day it is so refreshing and exhilarating. I feel good all over. I tell everyone I know about it and many of my friends have become regular HydroTone users and they all rave about its great effects".

Carmelita Judge, Retired, Gainesville, Florida

"Unlike other hand-held shower hoses, the HydroTone hose is flexible and durable and will not unravel as my other chrome hoses have come apart after a few months use. HydroTone is light weight, easy to hold and its flexible hose is comfortable against my body."

Vaughn Stevens, Northfield, Massachusetts

"I recommend HydroTone to my clients for its truly hydrotherapeutic massage capabilities. My clients appreciate the great convenience, manageability and superb results in all of their circulatory, painful and spasmodic conditions in addition to relieving tension and stress."

Cheri Wagner, Westport, Connecticut, Professional Medical Herbalist & Member of the American Professional Herbalist Guild

"Many of our patients/clients do not have whirlpool tubs at home. Your portable, handheld HydroTone should be an excellent tool to assist them to manage their discomfort and pain. I saw your product in the medical spa section of the New York Esthetician Show earlier this year. It should make a fine addition to the pain relief section in our gift boutique here at my wellness center."

Cher Callahan, BS, NCTMB, Tranquility Center For Well-Being, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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